Custom Rug Creation

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Engineered Flooring San Francisco, CA

Custom Rug Creation

EFFORTLESS RUGS - Fashionable, Functional, Versatile

Size Guidelines

  • Room size rugs should leave a border of 18" to 24" on all sides.
  • Dining room rugs should measure at least 4' longer and wider than the dining room table, so chairs will not fall off the rug when pushed back from the table.
  • Hallway rugs should be approximately 2" to 4" narrower and 18" to 24" shorter than the hallway. Other area rugs will vary in size according to need.

Design Guidelines

  • Try using different patterns that use some common colors in the same room for a coordinated look that is also fresh.
  • Don't get boxed in by traditional rectangular or square rugs. Consider oval and round shapes as a way to inject new life in a room.

Wear Guidelines

Consider traffic patterns, exposure to spills, and other wear factors when choosing area rugs.
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