Flooring Sale


Amstrong Vinyl Floors Installed  
$499 Installed

America's first name in vinyl. No waxing or polishing. Choose from a wide array of patterns and textures for every decor. In stock for immediate installation!
*Price based on a 9' x 12' area - Floor prep, coving and base extra.

Mohawk American Retreat Hardwood -  5” wide engineered wood.
Scotchguard, Armormax Protection. Great price and quality.  
Sale: 4.49 s/f  
Reg. $5.99 

We have 3 colors in stock.

Bigelow Carpet Installed
$979 Installed

New luxurious Bigelow Carpet Hunter style. Installed with premium cushion in your house. The time is right to select from our superb selection and see all our famous brands. 

Free measuring and price quote. In stock for immediate installation!

Subway Ceramic Tile - 3'' x 6'' 
36¢ each

- Available in white and cream
- Trim available

Subway Tile is a statement to enduring elegance.

Vinyl Remnants & Carpet Remnants
Save up to 70% OFF

Save up to 70% OFF the largest selection of carpet and vinyl remnants you'll see anywhere. All from the well known American brands
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