Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks

Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks

Bathroom and kitchen sinks have come a long way, from the basic basin that simply fulfilled a need, to a unique piece of art that helps set the expression of your home.

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the Right quality Kitchen Sink

A kitchen sink is a central part of every kitchen, yet they are often overlooked and lack style. Most kitchens are outfitted with a very basic self-rimming sink with 3 or 4 holes for the faucet. It gets the job done, but can it be done better and with more style? Absolutely!

Manufacturers have created a wide array of kitchen sinks that are available in a variety of colors, layouts and designs. Some of the best kitchen sinks to consider are the farmhouse sink, cast iron sinks, copper kitchen sinks or a double bowl kitchen sink that fit the style of your kitchen and also satisfies your cooking and cleaning habits.

There are number of considerations to take into account when purchasing a new sink for the kitchen:

  1. First consider the number of bowls you will need.
  2. Do you cook a lot, have a large family, and go through a lot of pots, pans and dishes?
  3. A large double bowl sink or triple bowl sink will assist you greatly. Some models have two bowls the same size; other models have one smaller bowl, useful for veggie scraping, cleaning meats etc. and one or two larger bowls for pots and pans. If you’re not into cooking, have fewer people in the house or if counter space is an issue – a single bowl sink will most likely be a great solution for you.
  4. Also, consider the type of faucet you want; the number of holes required for that faucet will need to match the number of holes in your sink.
  5. Finally, consider the material – sinks are available in stainless steel, cast iron, quartz, Americast® and composite materials.

We can help you decide which of the kitchen sink brand names is best for you.

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the Right Bathroom Sink

Before choosing a bathroom sink or bathroom sink cabinets, consider the style you are looking to achieve as well as your space considerations and storage needs. There are perfect solutions for every space. With today’s styles, colors and unique shapes you will easily find the perfect bathroom sink to fit any design, application and artistic whim.

Every bathroom is different, some are in tight quarters and require little to no storage such as a powder room. A small bathroom sink particularly a wall mounted design or a small pedestal sink will add nicely to such a room. A master suite or children’s bathroom will generally demand more counter space, storage and will have more room to work in. A vanity top undermount self-rimming or even vessel style sinks set over a nice cabinet will create ample storage space and a stylish appearance.

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