Jack Lerner: Home improvement company history

About Floorcraft

In 1941, Jack Lerner started in business by binding carpets in a warehouse for department stores in San Francisco. After World War II Jack’s brother Walter (Wally) join and they worked their way into doing contract carpet installations for department and furniture stores. They then expanded their product mix to specialize in doing Public Works projects. In the 1949 they moved to 871 Mission Street and they added Retail to their mix of products and services offered. As the mid 60’s rolled around Floorcraft phased out the contract business in favor of retail residential floorcovering. They had moved from Mission Street to 760 2nd Street in order to expand the retail business. Then in 1963 they moved again to 470 Bayshore Blvd. where we are today. In 1968 Floorcraft expanded in a new direction when they added Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures sales. As the energy crisis materialized a car wash was forced out of business, with some creative retail minded business planning a garden center materialized on that location. With three distinct divisions Floorcraft is able to balance from its diversity of products and seasonal business fluctuations.

Floorcraft’s officers, Phil Lerner and Terry Black began their working relationship as energetic nephews of Jack Lerner. They began their working relationship in 1950 at the respective ages of eight running the elevators in old building on Mission Street. The two have both been instrumental in much of the change and evolution of this business.

In 1990, as the floorcovering business and major manufacturing companies began to consolidate, Phil saw the need for change in order to remain a competitive provider of flooring products. He had heard about a cooperative of independent carpet retailer which had banded together to purchase flooring products, provide marketing strength, and produce a national identity. This idea of a national identity attracted Phil, so in 1990 Floorcraft joined Carpet One. Today Carpet One is the nation’s largest carpet retailer and Floorcraft is one of the top Carpet One producers in the cooperative.

In 1994, Jeff Lerner – Phil’s son – joined the team and has progressively taken over the company with innovative ideas and practices to meet constant changing ways of doing business to enhance customer service. With increased competition from large national chains, Floorcraft continues to offer service, products, and prices that make it a leader in San Francisco.