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October Featured Tile

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Maniscalco: Eco Rocks

Eco Rocks are made of Terrazzo, that consist of chips of marble, granite, quartz, glass, shell or other suitable materials bonded together by a cement. This material is 100% recycled and is renewable and recyclable. This new series captures the benefits of an eco friendly product in a new, design worthy format.


Windermere combines a gently undulated surface with exquisite glazes to create a final look that is opulent and full of depth. The 2 Whites – Glacier (Glossy) and Chalk (Matte) – are opaque and allow the surface structure to take center stage, creating a look that is more interesting than a flat white tile.

EMZR: Cuadro

Reminiscent of a classic Shaker door style, Cuadro™ features a beautifully decorative look with all the benefits of tile. Popular blues, in both Royal and Sky, as well as a host of neutrals offer a desirable color palette. And for those more in tune with modern and transitional aesthetics, Cuadro is also available in a clean “frameless” look.

We can help add that perfect touch to your bathroom or kitchen design. Stop by our tile showroom to see the displays and learn more.

Lagos Series
12” x 24”
Reg. $5.25 s/f     Sale $4.50 s/f
2” x 2”
Reg. $14.50 sheet  Sale $12.30 sheet
4” Hex
Reg. $28.25 sheet  Sale $24.00 sheet


The Lagos series is an Italian-made rectified color body porcelain. Created using digital print technology, its pattern mimics the look of natural limestone, enhancing its organic appearance. Given the wide selection of color options available in the series, Lagos offers the timeless appeal of natural-stone with the practical properties of porcelain tile. Unlike limestone, minimal maintenance is required. Clean, rectified edges accommodate narrower grout joints thereby giving the illusion of an uninterrupted, honed surface.


Hello Spring! To Celebrate the Upcoming Warm Season, Check Out Our Winter Frost Marble Tile Sale

Installation Service Available

Winter Frost Honed 12”x 24”
Was $22.34 S/F
NOW $12.23 S/F

Winter Frost Polished 12”x 24”
Was $14.85 S/F
NOW $12.23 S/F

Winter Frost 2” x 2” Polished Mosaic
Was $33.67 S/F
NOW $26.23 S/F

Winter Frost Hex Large Mosaic 2” x 2” Mosaic
Was $36.06 S/F
NOW $26.23 S/F